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how to use

how to use
Welcome to ! Explore the world of non-orthogonal buildings with our innovative and highly interactive media viewer interface. As of December, 2010: we are featuring 900 building projects.

HOW TO USE the Media Viewer

The best way to find projects is by clicking on the icons that represent the CAD-tools applied to generate the building shape.

The horizontal row features the Primitives, i.e. the volumes that the buildings shapes are based on. The vertical column of icons, represents the CAD-tools by which the Primitives can be transformed.

By clicking an icon once, it gets activated (and high-lighted). By clicking an activated icon, it gets removed from the selection. One can choose whether to first click an icon in the horizontal, or in the vertical row. By clicking an icon, the related projects get displayed in the Media Viewer, for example all twisted volumes, or all extruded volumes.

By additionally clicking an icon in another row, the projects will appear that were generated by the combined use of both icons, for example all twisted extruded volumes. One can refine the search by combining more than one icon in a row. 

Alternatively buildings can be found by entering keywords, such as twisted, extruded or the architect's name, project name, etc.

about the online documentation platform on non-orthogonal buildings. The motivation and relevance of the free-D project is based on the increasing degree of geometrical variation and complexity in non-orthogonal buildings worldwide.
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